About us
Xingrong Technologies founded in 2021, it is a high-tech company focusing on the research and development, production and sales of MLCC passive components and ceramic materials. The company's R&D team is jointly established by Japanese scientists and overseas doctors in the industry, and the production and sales team is jointly operated by corporate executives with more than 10 years of management and production experience.
Product display
MLCC (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors) plays the role of a "dam" for quantitative transmission of electricity after electricity storage in daily life. It adjusts to make the current quantitatively transmit in the circuit and prevents electromagnetic wave interference between components. The thickness is 0.3mm, which is only 1/250 of a grain of rice. In such a thin thickness, it can only store more electricity by realizing as thin a multi-layer accumulation as possible, so this is a very important part of technical ability.
Accurately control higher temperature
atmosphere sintering process
Superfine and uniform dispersion
of raw materials
Thin layer technology and multilayer
Analysis Center
The analysis and testing center has more than 20 large-scale instruments, including TEM (JEM-2100, JEOL), SEM (ULTRA55, Zeiss), SEM (G500, ZEISS,) and other microstructure analysis, physical and chemical analysis instruments and transmission sample preparation equipment.